Custom Tuning Products

New to custom tuning or have questions about the packages below?

Please take a few minutes and read the articles below.  They will answer most if not all of your questions and allow you to choose what’s right for your truck with confidence:

  1. About My Tuning: Learn how it works HERE
  2. 5-9 Diesel Tuning is available on the platforms listed below.  To determine which platform is right for you, please read more HERE
    -MM3 or Smarty Touch (All 03-07 Trucks)
    -EFI Live (06-07 trucks only)
  3. Have a Modded Project Truck? Read HERE
  4. The same tunes are available across all platforms; read about them Here
  5. Questions? Read the FAQ Here

***NOTE: If you need a custom tune not listed, I can build it for you. Please message me here so I can build what you need.

Bundle Discounts:

Add injectors, Turbo, Valve Body or Fass lift pump to a custom tuning order and get a discount!  The more you add, the more you save…

MM3 & EFI Tuning Products:

  • EFI-Live 6 Tune Package (+FULL 48RE Tuning) for 06-07 5.9 Cummins Trucks

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  • Total Package: 5.9 Cummins MM3 Touchscreen Tuner + 7 On The Fly Tunes & FULL 48RE Tuning (Fully Compatible with NV5600 & G56 Trucks)

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  • Stock Truck Package: 5.9 Cummins MM3 Touchscreen Tuner + Full 48RE Tuning Fully Compatible with NV5600 & G56 Trucks)

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  • MM3 Touchscreen Tuner-Build your own package: 5.9 Cummins + 48RE Tuning (Fully Compatible with NV5600 & G56 Trucks)

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Already have an MM3 or Smarty Touch?  Need accesories?

  • 5.9 Cummins & 48RE Tuning Only Packages-UDC Tuning:

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  • MM3 & Smarty Touch Tuner EGT Probe ($135 at checkout if purchased with MM3 Package)

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  • CANBUS Tap Kit: MM3 – Smarty Touch – RaceMe Ultra (06-07 5.9 Cummins)

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  • Smarty ComMod-(2004.5-2021) CANBUS Communication Module

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5.9 Cummins Performance Products:

See my tuning in action…

High Altitude 12 Valve Tune Cold Start

An early version of my towing tune…