APS Relay Output Circuit Open

Aps Relay Output Circuit Open Code

I recently had this code pop up after swapping out my gauge cluster with a new-used one from a donor truck.  Google searches weren’t really productive in helping solve this code and there was confusion on the interwebs about whether this code indicates the Adjustable Pedal Relay or the APPS (Throttle Position Sensor) system.

Scan Tool

This code (Like ABS or SRS codes) can only be read with a high end scan tool that is capable of navigating through the various vehicle systems.  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it because there are a lot of fun features and options you can adjust on 2003-2007 Dodge Ram Trucks (just like you had a dealer DRBIII)

More Scan Tools here:
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The only reason I went looking for it was due to my ABS light coming on randomly.  A scan of the ABS system revealed no codes at all so I had to keep digging.  I finally did a complete system scan of my truck and this is what located this code in the body control module/instrument cluster which would not reset.

They will not show up as a normal DTC which means even the MM3 or Smarty Touch cannot read or reset them:

I can say with 100% certainty this is the adjustable pedal system.  I found this odd since my truck doesn’t have that option at all.

Missing Relay & Fuse

Long story short is there was no relay or fuse in the APS positions inside the fuse box (TIPM relay position 63 and fuse position 40).  Adding the fuse and relay allowed me to clear the code from the Body Control Module/Instrument Cluster.

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