The Best 48RE Controller Is Custom Tuning…

I’m seeing there are a lot of searches on Google for “48RE controllers”, “48RE Shift Controller” or, what is the “best controller for a 48re” transmission…

Save your money…

These google searches all stem from one simple fact: the 48RE was never programmed to shift and lockup correctly from the factory. If it were, I would most likely not be in business; at least not this business.

There are various aftermarket 48RE shift controllers on the market and they all sort of fix the same glaring issues:

  • The 1st-2nd gear shift happens way too soon
  • No 2nd gear lockup
  • 3rd Gear doesn’t have lockup
  • the 3rd-4th gear doesn’t shift at the correct speed
  • No way of locking out Overdrive

Treating Symptoms…

The aftermarket manufacturers have taken several approaches to these problems. All of those solutions involve wiring in an additional box to control the torque converter clutch or the overdrive clutches; making your 48RE shift how you want (kind of). One manufacturer even has an aftermarket shift lever with up and down buttons like a 68RFE (it even comes with a gear display that goes next to your… wait for it… existing gear display), and several of these solutions require an aftermarket valve body be installed.

What if there was an easier, CHEAPER way?

Solving problems by fixing “symptoms” is not a great method. Wouldn’t it be better to get to the root of the issue?

The REAL problem is the factory programming; let’s fix that and be done.

This is exactly what my 48RE shift Tuning does. All of the issues in the bullet list above; just put a “Fixed” next to them:

  • 1-2 Shift holds off until the optimal speed
  • Need lockup in 2nd gear for a very steep hill? Shift the lever into “2” and get to about 25mph and it will lock
  • 3rd Gear too sloppy? Solved: 3rd gear locks up at about 32mph and feel like a locomotive pulling
  • Want to lockout overdrive for a long climb? Press the “tow haul” button and OD is now locked out. (2006-2007 trucks maintain OD Lockout and Tow Haul)

As you can see, there is nothing those other controllers can do that my tuning can’t do

…and my tuning does it without another box and without the hassle of swapping valve bodies.

Chances are you’re already running a tuner of some kind, so the real issue is just getting you on the right tuner which will negate the need for aftermarket controllers and their associated components.

You can install the tuner and flash the truck in about 20 minutes and you’re done.


See my tuning in action…

High Altitude 12 Valve Tune Cold Start

An early version of my towing tune…