MM3 Tuner: Blank Screen with Red and Green Lights

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If your Smarty Touch, Smarty MM3 or RaceMe Ultra fail to start up when you turn your key on (often accompanied by a pattern or red and green led light flashes) there are a couple of typical causes:

Cause 1: Your truck has low voltage or a bad battery. It is wise to rule out a bad battery before taking any other steps. First, take a measurement of voltage on EACH battery separately and before removing or cleaning any cables. If there is any difference (ex. Drivers side battery is at 12.5 volts and passenger is at 11.9 volts) then you may have a problem with your battery connections or cables.

Next, put a charger on your batteries (check water levels 1st if you have wet cell batteries), give it about 10 minutes and try again. If this solves your problem you may have an issue with your charging system or a bad battery.

Cause 2: A problem with the Micro USB cable or connectors between the Smarty Touch, MM3 or RaceMe and its CPU unit. If you suspect the cable, you will need to purchase a male to male micro usb cable. There are plenty on amazon or ebay to choose from and you might even get lucky and find one at a box store.

If you suspect the Micro USB connector in either the display or CPU of your Smarty Touch, MM3 or RaceMe Ultra Tuner, you have options: If you’re handy and good at soldering, you can find a replacement jack on ebay pretty cheap and replace it yourself. If you cant do it yourself, you can contact or for a repair or replacement (note: This may cost $400 or more). In my opinion, the best option would be to get the unit worked on by someone who repairs cell phone jacks. There are lots of folks on ebay who do this so make sure you find someone with a very high feedback rating. This option would be the least expensive other than fixing it yourself, and it would be fixed by someone who’s business is soldering tiny connectors.

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