Frequently Asked Questions:


Will this come with instructions?

Yes, starting with installation instructions in your confirmation email, and further instructions when your tunes are delivered.


Is there tech support?

Yes, you can contact me directly for assistance.


Do I need a computer?

Yes, a windows PC is highly advised. Not computer savvy? No worries I’ll help you👍


Is this a plug and play tuner?

-Mostly.  You will need to assemble the tuner and plug it into your truck.  For 06-07 trucks you will need to splice 2 wires for on the fly tuning to work.  The EGT probe needs to be drilled and tapped into your manifold, but I have a link in my instructions to a tap and bit kit for about $15.  Additionally, we will need to transfer some files back and forth (There will be detailed instructions and help if needed).


What is the turnaround time for tunes?

I shoot for 24 hours or less.


Does the tuner come pre-loaded?

No, you will need to email your stock file.  There will be comprehensive instructions included and tech support if needed.

See my tuning in action…

High Altitude 12 Valve Tune Cold Start

An early version of my towing tune…