Answers to frequently asked questions:


Will this come with instructions?

Yes, starting with installation instructions in your confirmation email, and further instructions when your tunes are delivered.


Is there tech support?

Yes, you can contact me directly for assistance.


Do I need a computer?

Yes, a windows PC is highly advised. Not computer savvy? No worries I’ll help you👍


Is the MM3 or EFI Live a plug and play tuner?

Mostly…  You will need to assemble the tuner and plug it into your truck.

MM3/Touch: For 06-07 trucks you will need to splice 2 wires for on the fly tuning to work)  The EGT probe needs to be drilled and tapped into your manifold, but I have a link in my instructions to a tap and bit kit for about $15.

MM3 and EFI Live: We will need to transfer some files back and forth via email (There will be detailed instructions and help if needed).


Are the tunes “On the fly”?

MM3: 03-04 Trucks=No    04.5+ Trucks=Yes, if ordered as on the fly.
Touch: Same as MM3; requires Comm Mod for on the fly to work
EFI-Live: Yes with CSP5 Switch


Can I use a Smarty-Jr, S-06, CTS3 or Mini-Max to load this tuning?

No, none of those platforms are capable of loading custom tuning.  CTS3 CAN be used as a monitor with this tuning but cannot be used to program the truck with these tunes.


What is the turnaround time for tunes?

I shoot for 24 hours or less.


Does the tuner come pre-loaded?

No, you will need to email your stock file.  There will be comprehensive instructions included and tech support if needed.


Will the trans tuning work with a built trans, shift kit or aftermarket valve body?

Yes, it should cause no issue.


Do I need and EGT probe?

Yes, I wouldn’t run my own truck without one.  This is an important engine safety gauge when running custom tuning to make sure you are not pushing too hard; especially when towing.  Without an EGT gauge, the engine will give you no warning that it has been run too hard prior to catastrophic damage.


Can I use my existing EGT Probe/Gauge with the MM3 or Touch?

If you have a standalone gauge like a pillar gauge then yes.  In this case there is no need to use the EGT kit for the MM3/Touch and you will actually free up a gauge position on the screen to monitor something else.

If you have an existing probe from another tuning platform, you will need to replace it with the MM3/Touch EGT probe or go to a standalone gauge.  The MM3 will not be able to use the probe from another platform.


What if the ECM has a tune in it already that I can’t return to stock?

This is not a problem.  All of the platforms I use can replace the tune in the truck with what should be there.  You can still perform a stock read on your truck without any issues.


Will reading the stock file alter the truck at all?

No, you can still drive and operate your truck normally after reading out the stock file.


Can I use the MM3 with an OBD splitter and another device like the CTS3 or fleet logger?

The MM3 generally needs exclusive access to the OBD port.  It will NOT work if used in conjunction with the CTS3.  However there has been some success in using a fleet logging device.  Please contact me for further details.

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