How To Copy Tunes To Your SD Card

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After receiving custom tunes for your MM3 Tuner, Smarty Touch or RaceMe Tuner you will need to copy these custom tunes onto the SD card. Whether your tunes were delivered by email attachments or via cloud sharing; this page shows you what your SD Card needs to look like when you are done:

When you initially put the SD Card into the computer it should look like this:

SD Card Root
Smarty Touch, MM3 Tuner, RaceMe Ultra SD Card Root

Depending on which tuner you have (Smarty Touch, MM3, RaceMe Ultra) some of the file names may be different, but the folder structure should be the same as above.

Your Custom Tunes Go In The “Custom Folder”:

Open up the “Custom” folder on the SD Card and you should see this:

Smarty Touch, MM3 Tuner, RaceMe Ultra SD Card Custom Folder

Inside the custom folder you should have several folders: ecm, rtg, rtp, stock, tcm. For this article we are focusing on the ecm and rtg folders.

All Files ending with .ecm go in the custom/ecm folder:

Smarty Touch, MM3 Tuner, RaceMe Ultra custom/ecm folder

This is how your ecm folder should appear. The names and number of tunes may vary, but all tunes that have names ending in .ecm go in this folder. Also if your files came zipped, they must be unzipped before copying into this folder.

Files ending in .rtg go in the Custom/rtg folder:

Smarty Touch, MM3 Tuner, RaceMe Ultra custom/rtg folder

You will only get .rtg files if you bought on the fly tuning. If you were provided with files ending in .rtg, they need to be copied into the custom/rtg folder as shown above. Again, if they were sent zipped, they must be unzipped before copying into the rtg folder.

Once you have your SD Card setup like this you should be ready to move on to flashing your truck.

Note: If you download the same file from your email multiple times, your computer will add a number inside of parentheses to the filename.  This will cause the tune to not show on your MM3 menu.  Before returning your SD card to your MM3, ensure no files in the custom/ecm or custom/rtg folder look like this: tune(2).ecm  If they do, simply right click and rename the file removing the (2) {or whatever number is inside the parentheses} from the filename.  When done it should look like this: tune.ecm or tune.rtg

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