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MM3 Touchscreen Tuner: 5.9 Cummins + 48RE Tuning (Fully Compatible with NV5600 & G56 Trucks)

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***This product cannot be shipped to a California address

All of these tunes INCLUDE: -Enhanced Proprietary 48RE Transmission Tuning* -Full fueling during cruise control operation: No more running out of power towing uphill in cruise control** -2004.5 & 2005 Trucks: Tow-Haul Button converted to OD off for complete control of what gear you’re in

-Fully compatible with NV5600 and G56 trucks!


This tune has a slight power increase but focuses on increasing your miles per gallon.  Also includes enhanced transmission tuning.


Focuses on a moderate power increase that is safe for your stock 48RE transmission and a completely altered shift schedule that gets your transmission into lockup in 3rd gear that holds while coasting, unlocks for a split second to smooth out the 3-4 upshift and doesn’t shift into 4th until an optimum speed has been reached.  Also adjusts the manual second gear lockup point lower…  Lockup sooner equals much lower transmission temperatures and more power to the ground.

An additional benefit of this tune is a completely reprogrammed cooling fan to protect your transmission. We all know that HEAT KILLS. On this tune, the cooling fan will begin ramp up when the Transmission Temperature or Engine Coolant Temperature start to rise.  Stock programming waits until you are very close to the trans and engine overheating before fan ramp up even begins….

You can watch these fan settings in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz-F9hcSWTU


This tune focuses on daily driving performance.  It has approximately 90hp increase for a very noticable, fun driving experience.  This is the upper limit of what is safe for your unloaded truck.  This tune includes the enhanced 48RE transmission tuning.

160 HP SPORT TUNE (For Built Transmissions)

This tune Shifts its focus from daily driving to those looking for a “hotter” tune than just a daily driver. If you want to see other cars get smaller in your rearview mirror, this is your tune.

210 HP RACE TUNE (For Built Transmissions)

Like the 160HP Tune, but it goes faster…


This tune gives you a traditional diesel sound and has a small power increase over stock and also has enhanced 48RE shifting patterns.


Identical to the 12 valve tune above, however it has increased fueling and limiter values.  You get a traditional Diesel sound and the fun of a performance tune in one.  This is my personal daily driver tune.

*Trans Tuning not available for 2003 trucks. ** Cruise Fueling applies to 04-07 trucks.

2 reviews for MM3 Touchscreen Tuner: 5.9 Cummins + 48RE Tuning (Fully Compatible with NV5600 & G56 Trucks)

  1. Chris McBride

    Awesome Tunning package. Bought the full package 7 tunes with the MM3 tuner and EGT probe. Installed it on my 06 Dodge Ram 3500 SRW. Everything was pretty easy to hook up and Rob helped me out every time I needed it! I love the way the trans feels now especially towing my 18k 5th wheel. Makes the truck FAST AS HELL. And love the 12 valve tunes. Very pleased with the service I got from Rob. Worth every damn penny! Thanks again Rob!

  2. Roger M

    Very pleased with this package. The transmission tune is amazing. No more 1-2, 2-3 shuttle shift, torque lockup vastly improved and overall the truck has a manual transmission feel. The power levels are very noticeable and add a huge fun factor. The 12v tune is just too cool. Considering the monitoring the MM3 has with a probe, trans and power tunes, it’s a great value.

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