MM3 Tuner: High Speed Log

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How To Record a High Speed Log:

This article shows how to record a high speed log with your MM3 Tuner, Smarty Touch, or Race Me Ultra.  You can use this feature to record engine and transmission parameters for review by whoever is providing your custom tuning.  This is useful in verifying desired results of engine or transmission programming, determining causation of tuning problems, or diagnosing physical engine-transmission hardware.

The log recording can be started any time the key is in the “on” position.  For example, if you were having a hard time starting your truck and want to send a log of this to your tuner you can turn your key to “on” – start recording and then attempt to start the truck.  Alternatively, if you are having an issue while driving, you can start the truck, begin recording your log and then recreate the issue you have while driving:

Step 1:

With the key on (engine on or off):

Tap any gauge to get into the initial menu…


Press the HS Log button to start recording…  DO NOT use the “Dash Log” button.

While the tuner is recording the log, attempt to recreate whatever issue you are trying to capture; whether that be a hard starting condition or an issue with the engine or transmission.

IMPORTANT: Keep the log to about one minute or less

Step 2:

Now that you have recorded your log, you need to send it to your custom tuner.  Remove the SD card from the display screen of your MM3, Smarty Touch, or Race Me Ultra.

Place the Micro SD card in your Windows PC and open up your file explorer and navigate to the SD Card:

Your High Speed Log File will be located in the “Log_HSPD” Folder:

Log files start with “DL”.  Here you can see I have quite a few logs in my folder.  The logs save in sequential order, so the last log you saved will be the highest number.

Step 3:

Email the appropriate log to your custom tuner for review.

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