Buying a used MM3, Smarty Touch or RaceMe Ultra…

Can you spot the Good Deal???

Buyer Beware:

So you found a great deal on a used MM3 Tuner, Smarty Touch or RaceMe Ultra for sale? Not so fast! Make sure you understand the hidden costs that the seller may not tell you about (or may not even realize exist).

Vin Licenses= $150:

The MM3, Smarty Touch and RaceMe Ultra tuners each have 4 “Vin Slots” meaning they can tune up to four different trucks (unless you have a “fleet version” but those are rare and not what we are discussing here). Each of these tuners ship from the factory with only 1 Vin License. When the original owner installs the tuner on their truck and programs a tune the 1st time, the tuner will give a warning that your are about to permanently consume 1 Vin License which will PERMANENTLY lock that Vin Slot to the truck.

This leaves 3 available Vin Slots and 0 available Vin Licenses on the tuner. This is most likely to be the situation you face as the second owner of an MM3, Smarty Touch or RaceMe Ultra.

Custom Tunes:

One other hidden cost of buying a used MM3, Smarty Touch or RaceMe Ultra is any custom tunes the seller was using on his vehicle WILL NOT work on yours! You will need to purchase custom tunes programmed for your Vin Number.

Note: custom tuning is required for an MM3 Tuner.

Before Buying:

Make sure there are available Vin Slots on the tuner. To do this, ask the seller to provide a picture of the “Licenses” screen shown below:

This screen is located at the Main Menu->Info->Licenses

The main thing you are looking for here is an open Vin Slot. If the picture shows “Licenses Used: 4 of 4”, the tuner is full and cannot be used on any more vehicles. In the picture above, there are 3 open vin slots and 0 licenses available, meaning the new owner will have to purchase the vin license at $150 per vin number.

The Bottom Line:

Make sure when you consider the price the seller is asking, that you factor in the $150 vin license fee you will have to pay and if you want/need custom tuning (required on an MM3) you will also have to purchase that as well…

Need an MM3 Vin License?

Smarty Touch and RaceMe Ultra Vin Licenses:

Smarty Touch vin licenses can be ordered by contacting

RaceMe Ultra Vin Licenses can be purchased here:

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