Exergy Injectors

Are you looking to get more power under the hood of your 2003-2007 5.9 Cummins? Perhaps you are simply looking to freshen up the fuel system on your tow pig? Well look no further than Exergy!
We offer a wide range of highly engineered injectors and fuel pumps to provide strong and reliable fueling for whatever job you have in mind for your 5.9. Whether it’s towing a trailer, surprising passengers on the street, or laying down passes at the drag strip, we have the fuel system for you!
Our injector offerings range from our sportsman line, a drop in set designed to deliver a 5% increase in power no tune required, all the way up to 500% over. We also offer 50 and 100 Horsepower sets for both the early (2003-2004) and late (2004.5-2007) 5.9 Cummins. For pumps, we offer our Sportsman improved stock CP3, 10mm stroker CP3, 12mm stroker CP3, and 14mm stroker CP3.
If you are not sure what injectors or pump you need for your power goals, feel free to reach out! Our team would be happy to help guide you to what parts would be the best fit for you!
Let Exergy give you the power and peace of mind you expect out of your fuel system!