Stock Truck Package: 5.9 Cummins MM3 Touchscreen Tuner + Full 48RE Tuning Fully Compatible with NV5600 & G56 Trucks)


This budget Package aimed at Stock and lightly modded Trucks Includes:

  • MM3 Tuner- The best Touch screen tuning platform for a 5.9 Cummins with multiple gauge display (See Below for description)
  • EGT Probe (optional)– Measures the exhaust gas temperature and displays as a gauge on the MM3 (I wouldn’t run my own truck without one)
  • 4 Tunes: 30HP Eco, 60HP Tow, 90HP Street and 120HP 12 Valve Performance tunes*
  • FULL 48RE Custom Tuning other say is impossible- Optimized shift points in all gears with 3rd lockup in normal (not just Tow-haul) driving mode, 3-4 locked shift at proper road speed. You’ll feel the difference immediately.
  • G56/NV5600 Manual Transmission fully compatible

*On the Fly Tuning can be selected for 04.5-07 model year trucks.

Click below to read a description of each tune: (Opens in a separate window so you can keep shopping here)



  • Add EGT Probe? *

    MM3 & Smarty Touch Tuner EGT Probe ($135 at checkout if purchased with MM3 Package) + $150.00

    The EGT probe enables you to monitor exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). EGT is one of the main ways to determine if you are pushing your engine too hard.

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On the fly tuning works For 04.5-07 5.9 (325hp) Cummins using MM3 or Smarty Touch Only!
-If you have an 2003 or a 305hp 2004 or HP Tuners select “No”.
-Smarty Touch requires the Comm Mod for OTF to work:

Available for MY 04-07 Trucks

Adds ECM control for a PacBrake on 04-07 Auto Trans trucks. Manual Trucks select “No”, this is already active in your ECM. -Requires an installed brake in your truck. Read more HERE

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  • Fass Titanium Signature Series 165GPH 5.9 & 6.7 Cummins 2005-2018

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  • BD-Power Valve Body – 2003-2007 Dodge 48RE With Governor Pressure Solenoid and Transducer

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  • BD Diesel Valve Body Electronic Upgrade Kit – Dodge 2000-2007 47RE/48RE Transmissions

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  • BBI Injectors: Stage 1 Remanufactured (2004.5-2007 5.9 Cummins)

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You can build your own package with any number and combination of tunes:

The Best Money You’ll Spend On Your 5.9 Cummins Truck:

  • I use proprietary Engine and Transmission parameters not available in off the shelf tuning programs used by other custom tuners
  • FULL 48RE Custom Tuning that others say is impossible (More Info)
  • My custom tunes are edited at the code level, not just with standard tuning software used by most tuners
  • Most other custom tuners have to focus on keeping up with the new trucks year after year and rarely go back to develop improvements for earlier model year trucks; 3rd Gen 5.9 Cummins Trucks are what I specialize in.
  • Customer Service: There is NO substitute for good service. I will work with you as long as it takes until you are satisfied.
  • No Middle Man:  You will be communicating directly with the person working on your truck.
  • International Customers Welcome!

Have a Special Project?

Working on a heavily modded truck with larger injectors, dual cp3, 10 bar map sensor or a 5.9 Cummins swap Click HERE

The Smarty MM3 Tuner Features:

For your 2003-2007 model year Dodge Ram trucks with a 5.9 liter Cummins engine.

Now featuring TPMS (Tire Pressure monitoring system threshold) adjustment!
  • 4.3″ Touch Display. Resolution 480 x 272 – 16.3 million colors.
  • Two devices: MM3 Touch Display and MM3 Controller each with its own CPU. The Display for the graphics & user interface and the controller for communicating with the ECM.
  • Twin CPU design. The fastest Display & Tuner on earth!
  • Fastest display start up in the industry. Just four seconds!
  • Fastest PID refresh speed in the industry.
  • Fastest ECM download in the industry, up to three times faster than the competition, a typical ECM update takes 1.5 to 6 minutes, depending on the model year.
  • Small micro USB cable connecting the display and the controller for easy installation.
  • Micro SD card for simple and fast updates (included).
  • Fully Internet update-able. Updates are always FREE!
  • Micro SD card can store multiple UDC custom tunes.
  • Works with any Micro SD FAT file system formatted card.
  • Optional EGT sensor reads accurately up to over 2200°F.

Four dashboards, each configurable with five different gauge layouts.

  • Supported Gauges by year: http://madselectronics.com/SmartyTouchPIDS.html
  • Freely configurable gauge(s) range.
  • Two alarms (high and a low range) can be configured for each PID.
  • Audible and/or visible alarms can be configured.
  • Configured ranges are also displayed through colored bars in all digital gauges.
  • Configurable PID refresh speed.
  • Each gauge stores/updates and displays the max reached PID value continuously.
  • Recorded max values can be reset at any time.
  • Customize-able display background.
  • Adjustable sound feedback for alarms.
  • mm3-components

Every device can store up to 4 different Vins

1 license is installed, and 3 can be ordered as needed


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